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    Mint your Dumojis 2.0

    Your Emotion - Mint it!
    You took the time and emotion to create your Dumojis® now let it live forever on the black chain, you can register and easily mint your Dumojis® 2.0. Now There are two minting styles to choose from when minting your Dumojis®

    Choose your minting style

    Flat or 3D aninmated
    There are two minting styles to choose from when minting your Dumojis®
    DUMOJIS® Legend. All Dumojis® 1.0 images.

    All "Flat Dumojis" has its name - the image and the description. This is the Original Dumojis 1.0 Legend created by Rashawn E. Vaughn. These are the the first style minted Dumojis® 1.0 NFTs on OpenSea.


    3d Animated NFTs

    A 3D a nimated model in a box that rotates.

    3D Animated Dumojis® NFTs

    Mint yours now before it's gone!

    3D animated Dumojis® are can be coded for avatar game play or can be used as an avatar in the Metaverse/ vidoe games or any web 3.0 world/platform where avatars are enable.

    How to mint your Dumojis®

    4 easy steps. Dumojis® Avatars are playable in your favorite game, metaverse, and are customizable.

    #1. Create and Download

    Download your Dumojis 2.0 image and email

    #2. Choose your Dumojis 2.0 NFT Style.

    In your email state whether you want Flat or 3D animated avatar.

    #3. Review your Dumojis 2.0 NFT

    Work with our designers to finalize your Dumojis 2.0 NFT design.

    #4. Receive your NFT via crypto wallet

    Your Dumojis® will be transferred via your crypto wallet. We are currently publishing on OpenSea with ethereum open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality.
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