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Dumojis was created to help the special needs community, with 20% of all proceeds going to this cause.

"FUNDOE" The Summer's Featured Dumojis

FUNDOE = /fəndō/ - When Laughing Tears 😂 meets Money-Mouthed 🤑 emoji "Who doesn't have fun making money?"


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Dumojis® COOPOO Men’s High-Top Canvas Shoes - Nude

COOPOO - /koopoo/ - When Sunglasses 😎 meets Poo 💩 emoji. "Wow I look out of this world!" What’s poo got to do with it? Well, our new COOPOO Men’s High Top Canvas Shoes are certainly not the kind of poo you’re thinking of! Instead, these stylish sneakers take your style game to the next level – fusing sunglasses emoji and poo together for a totally unique look.
Join the Dumojis evolution and take level up your emoji game!

1. Download and create your own emotion your Dumojis. 2. Register and mint your Dumojis at Dumojis.com. 3. Spread the word and share in e-commerce profits while helping the special needs community.



LUVSIC - /ləvsik/ - When Heart Eyes 😍 meets Sick 🤒 emoji. "I'm sprung!

Dumojis® LUVSIC Men’s High Top Canvas Shoes - Black

These are the perfect shoes to express your love. And the best part is, you can walk in style while supporting a good cause because 20% of all proceeds go towards helping those with special needs and supporting better diagnostic processes.

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