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Can you imagine a world where you are not confined to use a single emoji to represent the multiple emotions and expressions you want to share? Can you imagine a platform that you can create your own "Dumojis ®" specific to how you feel now? The time has come. Welcome to Dumojis ®!

The History of EMOJIS

In 99', the first emoji was created by this cool Japanese artist-dude named Shigetaka Kurita.  Mr. Kurita designed 176 images that communicated information, feelings and or emotions for the largest mobile carrier in Japan, DOCOMO. But that was in Japan... and emojis needed to be worldwide, universal. So in 2007, a team of Google engineers petitioned the Unicode Consortium (where the information technology standard for the consistent encoding, representation, and handling of text expressed in most of the world's writing systems, known as Unicode are maintained) in participation in the development of this medium globally and in 2009 Apple joined in and together they created 625 universal emojis. Today, Shigetaka Kurita's original collection of 176 emojis are on display at New York's Museum of Modern Art. Now that's uber cool! 
Now when it comes to emojis they unfortunately have one limitation that they've faced since the beginning. Emojis are known to only allow you to express one emotion at a time, but we are humans who feel multiple emotions at any given time. Which brings us to why we are here today. Introducing the evolution of the emoji, DUMOJIS! Dual-faced emojis for when you have more than one emotion. 
For nearly 20 years, if you're happy, you'd send a smiley emoji and if you're sad you send and sad face emoji. Not any more. Our goal here at Appeal Media Group is to have Dumojis globally circulated. When we reach 1 million downloads, we will then petition Unicode Consortium to add Dumojis to the emoji collection and then anyone can then use them as emojis and not just stickers! 

"ALLBAD" /ôlbad/ - When Injured 🤕 meets Sick 🤒 emoji. "Just how I feel today."
"ANGIL" /ˈānjəl/ - When Angel 😇 meets Devil 👿 emoji. "Good and bad never felt so good at the same time."
"COOIEN" /ko͞oən/ - When Sunglasses 😎 meets Alien 👽 emoji. "Aren't we all."
"COOPOO" /ko͞opo͞o/ - When Sunglasses 😎 meets Poo 💩 emoji. "Wow I look Supafly."
"FUNDOE" /fəndō/ - When Laughing Tears 😂 meets Dollar Eyes 🤑 emoji. "Who doesn't have fun making money?"
"LUSH" /ləSH/ - When Heart Eyes 😍meets Blush 😊emoji. "I'm in Lush."
"LUVSIC" /ləsik/ - When Heart Eyes 😍 meets Sick 🤒 emoji. "I'm sprung."
"NOTCOO" /nätko͞o/ - When Dizzy-Faced 😵 meets Sunglasses 😎 emoji. "Self-explanatory!"
"OHNO" /ōnō/ - When Surprised 😮 meets Confounded 😖 emoji. ""Things just got real."
"OHYEA" - /ōye(ə)/ - When Surprised 😮 meets Happy 😃 emoji. "Life is good."
"QUIEDOE" /ˈkwīədō/ - When Zipper-Mouthed 🤐 meets Money-Mouthed 🤑 emoji. "I don't talk about my money."
"SAPPY" /ˈsapē/ - When Sad 😫 meets Happy 😁 emoji. "Sad to see you go, happy you're gone."
"SICDOE" /sikdō/ - When Sick 🤒 meets Money-Mouthed 🤑 emoji. ""CREAM" - Cash Rules Everything Around Me."
"WHYNOT" /(h)wīnät/ - When Rolling Eyes 🙄 meets Dizzy-Faced 😵 emoji. "Sounds good to me."
"WKEDSMHT" /ˈwikidsmärt/ - When Devil 👿 meets Geek 🤓 emoji . "Eyyy, what can I say."


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