Introducing Dumojis®, the dual-faced emoji app that takes communication to the next level! This brand-new app, available on iOS and Android devices, allows users to express themselves in ways they never thought possible.

Using Dumojis, users can “chop” an existing emoji in half and then merge two halves to create a dual-faced emoji a Dumojis. Once the dual-faced emoji is complete, users can name their new emotion and then export their Dumojis® into text messages and other content.

Created with the special needs community in mind, Dumojis® offers unique ways for its users to communicate beyond words. It’s the perfect tool to express emotions that don’t have a single emoji or even words to describe them. With Dumojis®, you can make communication easier and more enjoyable than ever before!  

Also, you can register Dumojis® and we will mint them as NFTs then we place them on merchandise like t-shirts, shoes and hoodies. So, if you want to show off your creations in a unique way, Dumojis® is the perfect tool for that! Download it now and let the dual-faced fun begin! 

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Welcome to Dumojis.com where you can:

🤑  Wear your expression by purchasing Dumojis® apparel and/or accessories. 
🤑  Take a photo with your Dumojis® product and post on social media to receive a discount on your next purchase!
🤑  Create Your Own - pick your favorite Dumojis® and use it on any product within our store to create your own Dumojis ® product.
🤑 20% of all proceeds goes towards improving the lives of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 
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