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Dumojis®…. Hello World!

by Rashawn dumojis on February 04, 2023

Hello world! My name is Rashawn and on 06/25/16, my wife Haipha and I had a beautiful baby boy, Revere Florencio Vaughn. Given how many years we tried, our age, lifestyle changes we had to make and a prior heart-wrenching miscarriage, Revere was our miracle child. But, after a year and half, we realized Revere still wasn’t speaking. Then he was diagnosed as level one, high-functioning on the autism spectrum. You fathers will understand how much guilt I felt, like this was somehow my fault. Almost immediately, I went into a minor depression. I call it minor because it lasted for one specific moment and then I looked into his beautiful eyes, he smiled at me and said “Dad”. Shortly thereafter, I was working with him on his feelings chart (a feelings chart is a visual tool to help autistic kids define and explain their feelings) when I was interrupted by a phone call from a client. Revere wasn’t happy that his time was cut short and was letting it be known. I asked, “Son, how do you feel?” He pointed to the sad emoji, and then he pointed to the happy emoji, SO then I said “Oh, ok, do you feel happy or sad?” and Revere said, “Dad, I feel Sappy.” 

Since then I’ve spent the last four years seeking to develop an app, not only to give my son a way to express himself, but also to provide people with another outlet to express themselves in a completely different way using emojis. 

Introducing Dumojis®, an app where users can “chop” an existing emoji in half and then merge two halves together to create a dual-faced emoji, a Dumojis®. Once the dual-faced emoji is complete, users name their new emotion and then export their Dumojis® into text messages and other content.

Created with the special needs community in mind, Dumojis® offers unique ways for its users to communicate beyond words. It’s the perfect tool to express emotions that don’t have a single emoji or even words to describe them. With Dumojis®, you can make communication easier and more enjoyable than ever before and is available on iOS and Android devices. In addition, 20% of all proceeds are given back to the special-needs community.

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Dumojis® 2.0 Creator app

Download app on the ‌iPhone‌ and the iPad and express yourself!

Dumojis® 2.0 Creator app

Download app on the ‌Samsung, LG, Sony and all other android cellphones and mobile devices now and express yourself!

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