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"I Feel Sappy"

by Rashawn dumojis on February 04, 2023

Peace and beautiful blessings to all my friends, family. -   


On June, 26th 2016, my wife Haipha and I had a beautiful baby boy, Revere Florencio Vaughn. Given how many years we tried, the lifestyle changes we had to make and a prior, heart-wrenching miscarriage, Revere was a miracle of sorts. However, after a year and half, we realized Revere still wasn’t speaking at all. Our worries were confirmed in December of 2018 when Revere was diagnosed as level one, high-functioning on the autism spectrum. You fathers will understand how much guilt I felt, like this was somehow my fault. Almost immediately, I went into a minor depression. I call it minor because it lasted for the one specific moment before I looked back into his beautiful eyes, he smiled at me and said “Dad”.  There was no time to sit around sulking.  This was my call to action.In the summer of 2018, just as Revere turned two, I was working with him on his feelings chart (a feelings chart is a visual tool to help autistic kids define and explain their feelings) when I was interrupted by a phone call from a graphic design client of mine about a biker jacket logo he wanted. Revere wasn’t happy that his time was cut short and was letting it be known. The client’s vision for the logo was a crying eyeball, and in the tears were to be symbols expressing a feeling, thought or an event.  For example, in one tear he wanted love, another death, peace, a crucifix and so on. 

I happened to see the feeling chart in Revere’s hand and suggested to the client,


“Why don’t you use emojis to represent the emotions in the tears, and since you have so many emotions, why not combine two emojis and put them in each tear?” The client was silent, and at that moment I took the opportunity to address Revere. I asked, “Son, how do you feel?” He pointed to the sad face, and I said, “Sad?” Then he pointed to the happy face, “Oh, ok, do you feel happy or sad? Revere said, “I feel sappy.” 

“Naw man, no emojis on a biker jackets bro!” the client replied, but a lightbulb had gone off in my head to create a mobile app that allows people to cut emojis in half, merge them together, and create emojis to represent multiple feelings or thoughts at once. Revere’s own words had created this brilliant idea for kids like him, who have great trouble expressing their emotions.

I have spent the last four years seeking to develop this app, not only for my son to express himself, but for all kids on the spectrum to have a tool they can use in texts and emails to describe their feelings to their friends and peers. They say pictures can say a thousand words.  Well, let me welcome you to the world of Dumojis®.  It’s the emoji for when you have more than one emotion and need a picture to express it.  It’s the world’s first dual-faced emoji. Express yourself in any shape, form or fashion!

We are asking you all to:

  • Download Dumojis® 2.0 Creator App Beta - Android
  • Create Dumojis
  • Follow us, post and tag your #Dumojis on FB, IG, TwiiterOpenSea
  • Checkout our Store use code "Autism Speaks" for 25% discount store wide
  • Express yourself when ever you can with Dumojis!

We appeciate in advance all the support!


Just a Dad making it happen for his Son,



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